BuyerNeeds and Wants Checklist


“KNOW THYSELF!”  A tip that we can glean from Socrates as we enter into the buying process to understand and differentiate between

WHAT WE NEED (those things which are non-negotiable),

WHAT WE WANT (if we have a choice, we’ll choose these things)

and WHAT WOULD BE NICE (we’d love to have it, but it’s not a deal breaker)


You can start by asking yourself the following questions:




Knowing your budget will help you decide which of your desired home features should stay on your shortlist.

  • How much can I afford to spend on my new house?
  • How much renovating and remodeling am I willing to do?
  • What price am I willing to “STRETCH” to if I find exactly what I’m looking for?




  • Some home buyers are willing to compromise on location, and for others location is everything. To determine how important it is to you, answer these questions:
  • Where do I want to live? (community/general area)
  • Is the quality and proximity of schools a factor?
  • How far am I willing to commute to work?
  • Is being close to public transportation important?
  • Which amenities should be close by? (grocery store, medical clinic, recreational facilities)



These are the features every prospective home buyer must consider. Determine which ones you’re dead-set on, and which ones would just be nice to have:

  • Do I want a brand new house, or an older one?
  • What style of house do I prefer? (ranch, colonial, split-level, multi-level, town home, condo, multi-family, bungalow, other)
  • How big a home do I want? What square footage does our family require to be comfortable
  • What sort of lot would I like? (small yard, large yard, fenced, garage, patio/deck, other buildings)
  • How many bedrooms do I need? How many would I like to have? Remember, often you can be creative and convert a den or office to a bedroom. 
  • How many bathrooms do I need? How many would I like to have?


Although special features are less important than the basics, most home owners have at least a few things they’re not willing to compromise on. Find out which are must-haves for you:

  • What features are important in your new house? (air conditioning, carpeting, ceramic tile floors, hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen, separate dining room, formal living room, family room, den, library, basement, separate laundry room, fireplace, workshop)
  • Do I have special medical issues that require accommodation, such as wheelchair access ramps or a flat entry?
  • Do I have pets to consider? (fence, big yard, mud room)
  • What works best for the ages of my kids, and can we “grow into the home” as they get older and bigger?
  • How long do I want to live in this home?  Is it “just for now”, a “stepping stone”, or the “end zone”?  

Remember- when it comes down to it, Buying a HOME is a decision that engages both our minds and our emotions.  When we find a house that we just LOVE, we may have to be willing to forgo some of our desires in order to get other ones.  We see over and over that a buyer will “JUST KNOW” when a home is right for them! 





Hon B. Sc, Realtor ®

Unlicensed Assistant

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