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     ~  Summer Scuba Diving or Scuba Diving Lessons!  
     ~  Life's a beach in the Okanagan... But you don't have to take your kids to the same one every time.
Visit a different beach every day for an entire week, or get your kids involved in plotting a summer tour of every beach within short driving distance.
    ~  Being a nana to six amazing grandchildren has so many perks, including the opportunity to be a huge hero!!!!  Nana's house always has an ample supply of candy, popsicles, chips, pop, cookies, ice cream,  hugs and lipstick kisses!  From this came the idea of "Camp Let Er Rip!"  The cost factor is next to nothing and the fun factor is over the top!  Equipment required: one tent, one back yard, four sleeping bags, one laptop with DVD drive, a few funny movies, stamina, bug spray, guard dog, picnic table, knock-knock jokes  and scary stories for night time.  There are no 'rules' at "Camp Let Er Rip" (except for safety reasons), so staying up all night, belching contests, passing wind in the tent, junk food for breakfast, swimming all day, sleeping with the dog, no showers, and wearing the same clothes/bathing suit all week are totally OK with me!  Because....I am super-nana and I intend on keeping that title!  That's a teenie glimpse into my favorite staycation and one I intend to keep repeating as long as their parents allow it!!!!  

~  Rent a Ford Mustang Convertible from Budget and drive through the mountains to Three Valley Gap for lunch. Around $100.

~  Grab the family...some pillows, blankets & snacks and hit the Starlight Drive in Theatre in Enderby. 


~  If you have a pool, night swimming is a must!

~  Scared of Heights??  Why not conquer that fear with a trip to the new ZipZone in Peachland?!

~  How about a movie in the backyard??  Pull out the Big Screen TV (Maybe a tarp  - just in case it rains!) and sleeping bags - don't forget the popcorn !

~  Kelowna is famous worldwide for its amazing wine, why not treat yourself -  make it a date with your spouse and  experience a local wine tour. Check our Vineyards page for some ideas.

~  Take the whole family up to the Myra Trestles for a bike ride. Take a backpack with snacks or lunch and water bottles. If you don’t have bikes, you can rent up at the trail head at the end of the forest service road off McCulloch Rd.

~  Borrow a friends boat (or rent one) and rent a 4 person tube from Sports Rent on Pandosy. More fun on the water than any family should be allowed to have.

~  Head up to Turtle Cove in Winfield to rent Skidoo’s on Wood Lake. Best price around and 16 year olds can drive their own personal water craft.

~  Go horseback riding in West Kelowna


~  Check out a new section of the Greenway


~  Go pick raspberries or blueberries .... mmmmmmmmmm

~  Love to Golf? Spoil yourself and experience firsthand some of Kelownas best Golf courses for your self !!

~  Drive 3 hours to the Nahatlatch River past Merrit for a day of White Water Rafting.

~  19 greens (real putting greens) for the whole family. West Kelowna near bridge.

~  Penticton Motor Speedway for hit to pass races. It’s a wild ride in that the drivers have to hit each other before they pass.

~  Penticton Channel tube ride or Shuswap River in Enderby. Take your own floaties and sun screen.

~  Take a family bike ride to Pauls Tomb, have a picnic and jump off cliffs.

~  Drive down to Rock creek and take the 3 hour float down the river. Watch the deer at river’s edge.

~  Ride the Kettle Valley Train near Summerland. Old steam engine with great views.

~  Bring a picnic down to Kinsman park and play Bocce Ball


~  On a rainy day-  go rent xbox games and play them ALL day!  (parents included)  Be prepared to learn from your kids!  It's a great way to enter their world for a day!! 


~  Pick a TV series to watch an episode or 2 every night for a couple of weeks ... Stargate Atlantis, Prison Break, Star Trek ... a fun brain break!

~  Stand in line at Moolicks and then go for a walk in City Park with your Frisbee or football.

~  Hike up to the Boulder Fields, an amazing secret climbing & hiking spot that will blow your mind 

~  Play speed mini golf (everybody putts at once and you can put your foot over hole) at Scandia, then take a few swings in batting cages. Finish off with a go cart race. All for $20.

~  Hike up Bear Creek and stand underneath water falls. Be prepared to swim through the narrows.


~  Invite another family over for hamburgers and a badminton tournament-  be sure to go for a slurpie run to the 7-11!

~  Rock Climbing at some famous spots in the Mission such as the Craggs, Lonely Girl and Helicopter Pad.

~  Challenge another family to walleyball (volley ball in a racquetball court). Gold’s gym.

~  Take a day trip to Osoyoos, stop for some cherries along the way. Hit Rattlesnake Canyon for some family Mini Golf, Bumper Boats and Ice Cream !!

~  Take a Family drive down to Tickleberrys , just South of Penticton ! Best ice cream eve!!  Your  taste buds will love you for it !


~  rent kayaks at the Grand and paddle around the lagoons (having huge water fights the whole time of course!)  


~  Sailing lessons at COSA on Hobson Road-  an AMAZING group of people who will teach your little and big kids to sail!  









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