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The history behind Kelowna's founding is very unique and exciting.  Who would have thought that the first non-native settlement in the Okanagan Valley was started by Father Charles Pandosy, a Priest in 1859 right here in Kelowna, along the banks of Mission Creek.  The restored remains of his Mission site which included a church, a school and a residence still stand today.


In May 1905, Kelowna was incorporated boasting a thriving population of 600 people.  It was not until the completion of the Okanagan Lake Floating Bridge in 1958 that the area began to blossom into the thriving city we now enjoy and love. Today in 2008, more than 100,000 people call Kelowna their home.
If you're a history buff you'll certainly want to check out the full story of Kelowna's heritage.  Where did Father Pandosy come from and why?  Did he really plant BC's first vineyard and apple orchard in Kelowna?  How did all this come to pass?


For an in-depth pictorial history visit this fabulous link.




Demographics include statistical characteristics of human populations, such as age, gender, marital status, family size, race, religious affiliation, education, geographic location, occupation or income.  They are usually compiled by reliable government agencies such as Statistics Canada or Provincial authorities. They are used especially to identify markets and assist in economic and market research by predicting future trends or changes in a population over time.

Statistically, Kelowna continues to grow and is the largest city in the BC Interior. It has become one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and ranks as the 22nd largest metropolitan area in Canada.  Understandably so, as it's one of the best places to live, raise a family, enjoy the abundance of amenities and of course the awesome climate and scenery.  Kelowna’s population at the time of the May 2006 Census was 106,707.  More detailed population and demographic information will be available later in 2007 / 2008.  However, unofficial stats for 2007 indicate Kelowna's population to be 123,456 with a metropolitan population of 165,596.

If you are contemplating a move to Kelowna, and are particularly interested in knowing more about demographic issues, you can visit the following links:

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Especiallyfor the family


Especially for Families

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