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Think of your agent like a wilderness guide. Just as a wilderness guide keeps you on the right path and away from danger on a backwoods adventure, your real estate agent is an expert and will help you navigate through the complicated areas of the home buying or selling process, and steer you clear of costly pitfalls.  Although all real estate agents must be licensed, most Royal LePage agents are also REALTORS®. The term REALTOR ® is a trademark that identifies a licensed agent as a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). All REALTORS ® make a pledge to adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of business practice.


A good real estate agent saves you time and money. He or she knows your community, knows what is important when selling a house, and knows all the intricacies of the process, from marketing your home to negotiating a price and closing the deal




You may know several REALTORS® ... Choose one that you are confident in, one that is capable and one that you feel comfortable with. 


Hereare some questions to ask when hiring a REALTOR®


1. How long have you been in the business?

A freshly-licensed REALTOR® can do a wonderful job and will have up-to-date training; those in the business longer bring more practical experience to the table.


2. What is your track record?

A REALTOR® will be able to show you his performance record over the last year ... This is a tangible indication of how knowledgeable and successful he is in putting deals together. 


3. What is your marketing plan?

Specifically, how will you sell my home? Where and how often do you advertise? Will you show me a sample flier? How do you market online?


4. Will you provide references?

Ask if you can call their references with additional questions.


5. What separates you from your competition?

Key phrases to listen for: assertive, available by phone or e-mail, analytical, able to maintain a good sense of humour under trying circumstances, expertise in negotiations ...


6. May I review documents that I will be asked to sign?

A good REALTOR® makes forms available to you before you are required to sign them. Ask to see agency disclosure, listing agreement, seller disclosure.


7. What are the commissions that I will need to pay?

Your realtor by law needs to disclose any commissions that are paid out of the proceeds of the sale of your home.  Some will go to the listing Realtor, and some to the Realtor who brings a seller. 


8. What is my house worth in today’s market?

A common trap that seller’s often fall into is to go with the Realtor who promises them the highest price for their home.  Remember that a Realtor cannot guarantee a price on your home ... The market will be a true indicator of the value of your home.   Giving you an accurate and realistic idea of the value of your home is more important than giving you what you would like to hear. 


And finally ... Ask yourself if you are comfortable with this realtor, and would you feel confident that he or she is looking out for your best interests, and will represent you in an efficient and professional manner. 






Hon B. Sc, Realtor ®

Unlicensed Assistant

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